About Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu

Ajahn Sumano BhikkhuAjahn Sumano Bhikkhu was born in Chicago in July, 1940.  He attended University, served in the US Navy, he was a government employee, and he owned several businesses (real estate, appraisal, insurance and construction).  He married, divorced and left the lay life on his spiritual quest at 29.  In the USA he lived in Yoga Ashrams, spiritual communities and Buddhist centers.  After a 3 year retreat he left the USA, ordained as a novice and became a full ordained Bhikkhu 20 years ago.

In Thailand Ajahn Sumano has lived in international forest monasteries in the Northeast and South Thailand, on top of mountain tops, in the most remote hill tribe regions, on islands, and in caves.   He has spent several rains retreats in Malaysia, Burma and Sri Lanka.
Amazon. Com and most chain books stores stock his books.  In Thailand a half dozen booklets of his are freely available for the asking .  They are translations of talks given by the mostly highly respected monks which have been published through the generosity of his supporters.

Ajahn Sumano has been establishing the Double-Eyed Cave Retreat Sanctuary since 1995.