Some words from Ajhan Sumano

Since I arrived in the forests of Northeast Thailand in the 1980’s, dozens of western monks have come and gone. A few are still here waiting for ‘the fat lady to sing’. But most returned to the West with their Dhamma treasure. Usually when they left, they left with the “Heart” of the forest monks.

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Mindfulness & You – Self Empowerment

Sacred Lives, Sacred Homes, Sacred Service

I hope that what I can provide you is just the right set of tools and the right amount of discipline to help you get on with the most important aspect of your life. This Kit will gently alert you to the fact of your own mortality, and provide you with several tools designed to greatly increase your chances of an advantageous poised-for-Enlightenment rebirth. Contemplating death is not a morbid preoccupation. Rather, to recognize the inevitability of death puts our life into a better perspective.

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Our real enemy here is not the “other” tribe or ethnic group, but the material extravagance that generates selfishness.

From out of dis-ease of selfishness comes the fear and wanting that distinguishes the neurosis of our lives.

People of Faith can diminish this world-wide problem through their vigorous and resolute and unwavering determination to reach the zenith of their spiritual vehicle. Their lives will be simple and serene.  Then, all will be as well as it can be.

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