Our real enemy here is not the “other” tribe or ethnic group, but the material extravagance that generates selfishness.

From out of dis-ease of selfishness comes the fear and wanting that distinguishes the neurosis of our lives.

People of Faith can diminish this world-wide problem through their vigorous and resolute and unwavering determination to reach the zenith of their spiritual vehicle. Their lives will be simple and serene.  Then, all will be as well as it can be.

Q.  What are we here to do?

A.  Think of it in user-friendly terms.  We are here to bring fusion out of confusion and harmony out of disharmony.  Whatever words we use to point to the Reality we are searching for, it remains a slippery and subtle “thing” to elucidate.  And, throughout all of time it has always been the most difficult thing to achieve.

I have often responded to this question by saying that we are here to put to death our idea of happiness.  When we have sacrificed the superficial and hunger for something more, the stage is set to move towards Real Happiness.  This is the quest for a distinctive kind of satisfaction and meaning which is capable of keeping in check the persistent demand of the self to grasp for happiness in the world.   As the machinery driving the world spins on, it spins with superficial happiness as the “revert”.

Q.  You said something real doesn’t die. How can that be?  I thought there was a Law in this universe that everything dies.

A.  Only things that are born die.  That which is real has never been born.

Q.  I don’t see what could be wrong with having a good time, particularly when the experience is passionate.  My God, such moments are hard enough to find!  What could be wrong with this kind of occurrence?

A.  Your looking for what you already sense is “the fly in the ointment”.  But you are looking in the wrong place.  The problem is at the back of the actual episode or experience.  You see the problem is in experience itself.  Those highly charged experiences you cherish and proliferate upon are like an energy ball emotionally connected to memory and will pulling at the reins to replicate these blissful, passionate experiences you fondle in your mind.

The negative aspect is that you lose your ability to accept and appreciate other experiences.   For you are programmed to compare your life events with these past so-called wonderful experiences.  Your spiritual life remains stillborn.

Q.  Where is the problem in my life and how can I eradicate it?

A.  O.K.  I’ll make it easy for you.  The problem in your life is the belief you hold tight to the whimsy that you are primarily and, most importantly, the person you believe yourself to be.  You can eradicate the problem by relinquishing your attachment to this idea.  How to do this?  Continually let go of your habit of associating the past and present as your life and shift your perspective into the present.  By doing so, you will extinguish the person.  As a bonus, whenever there is no person on board, there is neither suffering nor bondage.  You are free and at peace.

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