Monk in the mountain (video)

This the first part of 6 parts documentary about Ajhan Sumano

Monk in the mountain Part 1

Monk in the mountain Part2

Monk in the Mountain Part3

Monk in the mountain Part 4

Monk in the mountain Part 5

Monk in the mountain Part 6 and final part.




  1. René
    Jun 24, 2013

    Thank you so much for your spiritual help.
    I want to follow your advise to find back in a better life.
    I realize that a wasted too much of my life until today.

  2. Ole-Henry Norback
    Aug 8, 2013

    Hi dear teacher. Discovered your litlle sanctuary the other day. Was living in Pak Chong 30 years ago – and well, its not the same at all these days. Felt a little sting in my heart when I dicovered that the dad whitch gave me the dhamma, is almost eaten up by golfers …

    Now my local ajhan here up in the high north is going on a trip back home to thailand, and asked me to join him. I’m not much of a travelling man anymore, but since you where the one witch handed me this greatest of all gifts, The Dhamma – My heart is insisting on these lazy bones to react. Hope to see you in a couple of months

    With metta

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